Why Adopt

Adopt a lion: The Enesikiria Pride of the Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya

lion cubName: The Enesikiria Pride

Species: Lion

About The Enesikiria Pride: The Enesikiria Pride consists of several family groups of lions which includes a small number of adult males, along with adult lionesses and lion cubs of a variety of ages.

About lions: Lions are among the most sociable of all of the big cats in the animal kingdom. They will congregate in groups (called prides) and roar distinctively to mark out their territory.

WWF do amazing work in the Maasai Mara Reserve where the Enesikiria Pride are located and for just £3.00 per month you can directly contribute towards supporting WWF to build a future where lions and humans can live together peacefully.

As is the case with many endangered animals, humans are the main reason for the decline in numbers of lions. This can be due to hunting or conflicts with humans or the eradication of the natural habitat of lions by the overgrazing of livestock.

There are thought to be only 30,000 lions left alive in the wild. Your donation to the WWF can make a difference so please adopt a lion today.